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4 Ways To Drive Sales From Instagram Stories

4 Ways To Drive Sales From Instagram Stories
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In recent times, Instagram Stories has become increasingly popular and influential for good reason. So much that other platforms have begun to emulate the Stories format. Instagram Stories is one of the ways brands can explore their creativity by making use of some of the features that come with it. When used effectively, these features can capture the viewers’ attention and convert them to loyal customers. It also helps in driving engagement, building brand awareness and most importantly; increasing sales.

With that said, here are four ways brands can increase sales through Instagram Stories.

  • Through Product Stickers

Instagram Stories: Product Stickers
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Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, a product sticker is an effective means of driving sales directly from Instagram stories. The stickers provide your audience with direct access to your products. It allows them to shop for a specific product by simply tapping the product in the story.

Shoppable product stickers can be used on both pictures and videos. It is also a great feature for businesses with under ten thousand followers to drive product sales and increase conversions.

  • Through Insta – Story Links

One of the fastest ways brands can drive sales is through Instagram story links. The feature enables users to “Swipe up” in order to access the link. However, the feature has its limitations as it’s only available to users with then thousand followers and above. As a business owner with less than ten thousand followers, you can direct your followers to “click the link in the bio”.

  • Through Insta – Story Countdown Stickers

Instagram Stories: Instagram story count down
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The Countdown sticker is the perfect tool for building anticipation for the release of an upcoming product or service. Studies have shown that using the Instagram Countdown sticker to anticipate the release a new product has guaranteed a decent amount of sales on launch day.

It is advisable for brands to encourage their followers to tap the sticker and set a reminder as this makes the process more effective.

  • Through Instagram Story Ads

According to Instagram‘s official website,

“75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase, after viewing an Instagram ad” 

Instagram ads are the ideal way of showcasing a brand, business and/or product to an already engaged audience. They are very useful in situations where brands have run out of organic options to increase sales. Instagram stories ads have overtime proven to be very effective. 

As Instagram Stories continue to grow in popularity, we have no doubts that new business – features would be released. What’s important, is to stay up to date and consistent with the growing trends and implementing them into your marketing strategy. 

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