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5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

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According to Buzzsumo, brands have since 2017, recorded a 20% fall in Facebook engagement rate. As a business owner, these trends are enough to make you worry because Facebook engagement extends your reach while simultaneously expanding your audience. Thankfully we have found a way around it.

Here are five proven ways for brands to increase their Facebook engagement.

  • Post Less to increase quality.

Facebook ways to improve engagement
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This probably goes against nearly everything you know. But, when you post less on the platform, it allows you to focus more on quality content rather than quantity. Creating quality content takes time and effort. As a business owner, you should take your time to review the quality of posts you put out as opposed to the quantity.

  • Post when your audience is online.

According to Zephoria 

“Facebook’s highest traffic rate usually occurs mid-week between 1 – 3pm”

However, this information might not necessarily apply to you. This is because every brand has its unique time to post and these times are dependent on factors such as your industry, location of your audience, e.t.c. You can get this information by looking through your Facebook insight for data concerning your audience and their most active period. 

  • Post more videos content on your Facebook.

Just like with Instagram, video content performs better on Facebook. On average, videos on Facebook perform 110% better than other content types. Also, when videos are posted in-app, the autoplay feature helps drive video views and encourages engagement.

  • Go Live

Recently, Facebook tweaked its algorithm to rank live videos higher than other content types. This deliberate push of Facebook live allows for engagement three times higher than other content types. When you go live, Facebook basically shoots your content to the top of feeds. It also sends a notification to various members of your audience, alerting them that you are going live.

  • Make the most of Facebook insights 

Facebook insight to help increase engagement
Photo credit: SEMrush

Facebook insights provide tons of useful information about your audience. When it comes to engagement, what you find interesting does not matter. What matters is what your audience wants and insights provide a peek into that. To do this, you simply need to research what your audience responds to the most and then tailor your contents towards this. 

A good engagement rate is necessary for the success of Facebook Marketing. It is also integral to a successful business as an engaged audience is more likely to purchase a product or service. Although it might prove to be a challenge at the onset, once you wrap your head around it, it becomes easy.


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