8 Practical Cable Organizers For Your Home Office

8 Practical Cable Organizers For Your Home Office
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This post will be sharing eight practical cable organizers you need for your home office.

If there’s one thing that gives me anxiety and makes my skin crawl, it is littered cables. I do not want to see more than one or two cables at a time. The rest should be hidden. This is why I’ve spent the last six months getting the right cable organizers for my home. I primarily focused on ensuring that my work area, which I spent the most time in, has little to no visible cables. So far, I think I’ve done a great job. This is why I’m happy to compile all the cable organizers I’m currently using.

I’m sure a lot of us have multiple gadgets that have chargers. I try not to buy any device that is not chargeable. Nobody has time to be searching for batteries for a wireless mouse. As a result of this, I have several cables. But instead of using all of them at once, I limit them to a few and rotate accordingly. I would not open a new one as long as I have an existing cable that works for the gadget. This way, I have fewer cables to organize.

Here Are 8 Practical Cable Organizers You Need In Your Life

Before buying any organizer, you need to assess the type of cables you have. Are they short USB cables? Long HDMI or VGA cables? Mid-length Lightning cables? Miscellaneous wires that have not been used in months? By the time you have grouped your cables according to their lengths, you’ll have an idea of the best organizers to buy.

Without further ado, let’s get right into them!

Power Strip with Surge Protector

First, you need to ensure that your gadgets are protected against a power surge. You honestly don’t want your laptop blowing up unexpectedly. So, the first thing I did was switch my power strip to a bigger one with a surge protector and USB charging ports. It’s honestly a game-changer.

Power Strip Storage Box

Then you need also to get a fireproof Power Strip Storage Box. This is also a super handy way to declutter your cables and tidy them up. If they’re short enough, e.g. USB cables, they can fit in the storage box without needing an extra organizer.

Cable Storage Bag

Remember all those tiny USB cables I have from buying so many rechargeable devices? I use this storage bag to store them. Once I unbox a package and check if I have an existing cable to charge the device, I reserve the new one in the storage bag as a backup. Now, I have a nice collection of brand new cables appropriately stored. They’re well organized and reachable. It’s also perfect as a travel companion.

Charging Cable Protectors

Don’t you love how everything has a silicone alternative? You know how quickly Apple lightning cables fall apart? These charging cable protectors prevent that. I don’t think I’ve had any chargers wear out even when they stopped working. Instead, these nifty little things keep them in place and extend their durability.

8 Practical Cable Organizers For Your Home Office

Cable Tape

So far, we have focused on short cables. How about those extended HDMI monitors and MacBook cables? They can’t fit in a bag or a storage box. So what do you use instead? Cable ties! These self-sealing cable ties come in various lengths. They’re perfect for wrapping and organizing multiple long cables together. After which, you can hide them behind your desk or sofa. Whichever way works, the fact that you don’t need to have those long-ass cables snooping around makes all the difference.

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Under Desk Cable Management Tray

So if you don’t want to tie your long cable, you can gather them under your desk. This tray can be conveniently hung under your desk where you can hide all your cables. I’m personally not a fan of this organizer, but some people like so find what works for you.

Cord Holder

As a result of how frequent I charge my iPhone and iPad, I love using this non-slip cable holder to hang my chargers. I don’t want to store them away, but they need to fit somewhere. So, I either place it on my desk or under my desk. The goal is to ensure the chargers are convenient to reach every time.

Self- Gripping Cable Ties

So how about individual cables? How do you organize them to prevent tangles? I use these self-gripping cable ties to hold them together after folding. This way I have a shorter cable that can be stored without getting tangled.


I hope you have found this list of practical cable organizers helpful. If your cluttered cables have been stressing you out, here’s a solution for them.

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