5 Top Tips For Updating Your Digital Branding

5 Top Tips For Updating Your Digital Branding
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This post will be sharing the five top tips you need when updating your digital branding.

When it comes to building a brand or running a blog on the internet, branding is one of the key aspects of your business. Just because you don’t have a brick and mortar business doesn’t make branding any less important. There are tons of brands from multi-nationals to small businesses fighting for the attention of your target audience. There needs to be a way to distinguish your brand from the rest partcularly in the age of social media.

I’m sure you must have stumbled on some brand’s website or even Instagram page and something has jumped at you. Either the brand colours, fonts or general aesthetic has pulled you in and arouse your curiosity. This has happened to me a few times. Personally, I’m particular about the UI/UX of a brand’s website. So, if I visit one and the website impresses me, I become even more curious and motivated to check out the brand. If I like their products, I end up making a purchase thereby making me a customer.

It goes without saying that great digital branding is one of the passive ways to get more customers for your business. So, if you’re not sure what areas of branding you should pay attention to, this post is for you.

5 Top Tips For Updating Your Digital Branding

Here Are 5 Ways To Update Your Digital Branding

In no particular order;

Switch Up Your Brand Colours

Usually, when business owners or bloggers start new businesses, branding is the last thing on their minds. This is because they want to quickly validate their business idea and kick it off the ground. But sometimes, life gets in the way and we completely forget to do certain things like refreshing our brand colours.

So, one of the ways you can update your digital branding is by switching your brand colours. If your current colours don’t adequately portray your brand values or they are no longer in line with your brand aesthetic, then you might be in need of a change. This time, take your time to research your brand colours and find the best combination that you will gladly use for the next five years.

Update Your Brand Fonts

Just like brand colours, fonts also determine how people perceive your brands. This is why global brands like Nike, Adidas, Coca-cola to mention a few usually undergo a rebrand every few decades. This helps them connect to a new demographic and stay relevant. Also, as the years go by, there are new trends that you should take advantage of. This doesn’t mean that you should change your fonts every year. it just means that you should be at the top of your game and utilize updated designs.

One great resource to find font ideas such as the graffiti font collection is Font Bundles. They have a host of fonts that you can get inspiration from to decide what fonts to pick. They also have pre-made fonts so you can just get anyone that will work for your brand.

Get a New Website Theme

When I started blogging about eight years ago, I was obsessed with changing my blog themes every year. They were free and I love how fresh my blog felt after an update. But now that I have become somewhat of a professional blogger, I started investing in paid themes.

There’s nothing that screams professionalism like a well-designed website. Of course, the best option is to get a professional website designer but in the absence of that, there are tons of marketplaces, you can get a fully customizable professional theme. So, this is your reminder to update your digital branding with a website redesign.

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5 Top Tips For Updating Your Digital Branding

Update Your Photos

Either you’re using professional headshots or seasonal photos, using new photos is a great way to update your digital branding. This isn’t even limited to your website. You can get new photos to use across your social media and creative assets.

Personally, I like to take one good professional headshot every couple of years and lifestyle photos during the seasons. This way, my branding stays clean, fresh and encourages trust among my audience. Thankfully, with our iPhones, there is no excuse to not have great photos at all times.

Ensure your Creative Assets are Aligned With Your Brand Identity

Your brand’s creative assets range from product photos, media kit, social media and email templates and any other materials that are used in marketing and advertising. These are some things that business owners easily forget or even overlook until it is needed urgently.

Making sure that all your brand assets are passing across the same messages is a great way to strengthen your brand reputation and build trust with your audience.

In Conclusion,

As your business gets bigger, it is worth investing in a branding specialist. But in the meantime, there are some things you can do on your own with tons of resources on the internet. I hope this post will help you improve your digital branding.

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