10 Must Have eBay Shipping And Packaging Supplies

10 Must Have eBay Shipping And Packaging Supplies
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This post will share the must-have eBay shipping and packaging supplies you need for your small business.

I recently got a thermal printer after using my laser jet printer for about a year for my eBay orders. I always wanted to do it but needed to be sure it was worth the investment. This is why I started with a cheap £20 printer I got on eBay.

It goes without saying that anytime you want to experiment with a new business, make sure you start slow. You’re better off buying preowned equipment first to test the waters before entirely investing in your business with the latest technology. Often, pre-owned items are in excellent condition, saving you money in the long run.

Now that I have gotten my thermal printer which paid for itself already, I decided to share some of my must-have eBay shipping and packaging supplies based on what I use regularly. Thankfully, most of these items are affordable, so you can always start small if you’re on a budget.

But before then, I’ll point out the most significant money-saving hack for packaging supplies. Before investing in brand new supplies, I reused old packaging from my orders. If you’re someone that shops online a lot, you’ll have most, if not all, of your orders packaged in bags and boxes.

I’m happy to inform you that you can reuse them for your eBay orders. All you need to do is ensure you open them neatly rather than ripping them apart to extend their usability. If the boxes come with simple branded logos, use Kraft Paper to rip them off. They usually come off quickly. Once you’re armed with fresh Sellotape and is packaged properly, the boxes are as good as new. So, save all your unbranded or less branded boxes to reuse for your eBay orders.

Now that that is out let’s get into business!

Here Are 10 Must-Have eBay Shipping And Packaging Supplies You Need.

Ideally, the goal is to shop for the lowest prices you can get for packaging to reduce costs and increase your profit. So as much as possible, buy your packaging supplies in bulk. It’s cheaper and more convenient. Depending on how much you can afford, you only need to buy it once in a quarter or six months. Then watch how quickly you exhaust them which will determine how frequently you need to replenish your stock.

Now, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford anything for now, or you’re unsure about how long you want to sell on eBay, or your orders are pretty irregular, you can always take them to the post office to be packaged. It might cost you more, but you won’t need to store supplies at home.

Let’s get right into it!

Digital Shipping Scale

This is possibly the first item I bought because I need to measure my packages correctly to ensure I’m buying the cheapest labels. Plus, I wasn’t about to visit the post office for every order. It’s more convenient to print my labels at home, so I got a 5kg measuring scale. So far, it has worked for most of my orders because I don’t sell large items. Think about what you want to sell and the average weight of the items before deciding on what type of scale to buy.

Thermal Printer

This is likely the most expensive item for your eBay business. Thermal printers are excellent for labels because they don’t use ink or cartridges, which we all know are not cheap. While the price might put you off initially, think about how much it will add up if you buy ink for a laser jet printer every month. Trust me; it adds up. If you can’t afford a new one, head to eBay to buy a preowned thermal printer for less than £100/$120. The difference is clear as day.

Thermal Labels

Of course, with a thermal printer, you need to get the appropriate labels that will work for it. Unfortunately, you can’t use A4 Paper, so bear that in mind. A roll usually comes with between 100-500 labels, so it’s worth it.

LaserJet Printer

You can get a laser jet printer if you want to get a printer for other things besides printing shipping labels. I also use mine to print pictures and posters, which is handy. Other than that, make sure you factor in the price of ink and specific A4 Sheet Labels and compare it to the price of a thermal printer if you’re considering a laser jet printer.

A4 Printable Sheet Labels

Previously I used to cut A4 Paper into four, print the label, and tape it on my order until I discovered the next best thing since sliced bread; A4 Sheet Labels. They’re so convenient as they come in pre-cut 4×6 labels on an A4.

All you need to do is cut them into four equal parts, and you have your sticky label. It’s an upgrade from manually using paper and tape. Depending on what you want, you can get 50+ sheets which will give you 200 labels. I was already on my second pack when I ordered my thermal printer. It is so worth it if you already have a laser printer at home.

10 Must Have eBay Shipping And Packaging Supplies

Tape Dispenser & Different Tapes

I currently have different types of tapes for various purposes. They include;

  • Duct Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Sellotape
  • Kraft Paper Tape

I mostly use my Kraft Paper Tape to remove logos from my old packaging boxes and Sellotape for new eBay orders. When I have a large package to ship that requires reinforcements, I whip out the masking tape. It is convenient to have all these tapes in hand, which makes the packaging process even more seamless.

Shipping Cardboard Boxes

Again, I never really buy boxes because I never need to. I have enough from my old orders to cover the occasional large orders. But if you sell shoes, for instance, make sure you’re investing in quality recyclable boxes. Packaging makes all the difference.

Bubble & Poly Mailers

I use these for most of my orders, so I always get small, medium and large sizes. They’re versatile, convenient and can be used to pack just about any small to medium-sized item. If you need extra support, you can always wrap your orders in Bubble Wrap, and they will still fit. They’re quite literally my favourite packaging item. They are definitely a must-have eBay shipping supply.

Bubble Wrap, Kraft Paper & Shredded Paper

I think I bought a pack of bubble wrap once and never had to again. Some brands tend to over-stuff orders with bubble wrap to prevent damage while in transit. I honestly don’t blame them, but this means I have more than enough bubble wrap and Kraft paper for my eBay orders. So, if you sell fragile items, invest in some bubble wrap.

Royal Mail Size Guide

You’ll find this size guide very useful if you live in the U.K. If you’re unsure of the labels to buy for your orders, this is a super handy reminder for letter, large letter and small parcel sizes. As long as your order can pass through, you can buy the correct label saving you money in the long run.

In Summary

I hope you have found this list of large ten must-have eBay shipping and packaging supplies proper. For under £200/$220, you can set up your own business. If you’re still wondering what to sell, here’s a guide on becoming an eBay Seller.

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