7 Effective Ways To Use Facebook For Bloggers

7 Effective Ways To Use Facebook For Bloggers
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This post will be sharing seven effective ways to use Facebook for bloggers.

The other day, I wrote about How To Start A Facebook Group for Blogging based on my experience growing a running a Facebook Group with almost 60k members. While that was a guide strictly for building your own Facebook group, I didn’t cover how to utilize other existing groups before you create yours. So, I thought I should come back here to write the second half of the post.

It’s no news that Facebook is such a vital tool in a blogger’s arsenal. I used to hate it a lot particularly when I was running my social media agency. It just felt unnecessarily difficult especially since they spearheaded the Pay to Play model. But here I am almost five years later championing the importance of Facebook to bloggers. I honestly can’t believe how much time I spend on Facebook daily. But all of that efforts contribute significantly to my blogging income so I honestly can’t complain.

If you have been looking for the best ways to utilize Facebook more effectively, then this post is for you.

Here Are Seven Ways To Make The Most Out Of Facebook For Bloggers

In no particular order;

To Get Blogging Assignments/Sponsored Posts

The number one reason I use Facebook is to get blogging assignments. I literally get about 80% of my sponsored posts from PRs who post on behalf of their agencies on various Facebook groups. So, you really need to choose and join specific groups where these PRs post regularly. Some of which include: UK Blogger Opportunities, Official UK Bloggers and Blogging Opportunity Community. The only issue with this is that you have to check these groups regularly. If you don’t have that much extra time on your hands, I suggest you just check every Monday morning. PRs tend to post at the beginning of the week.

The second most important reason I use Facebook groups is to build my backlinks. In about six months, I’ve been able to improve my Domain Authority (DA) from 22 – 30 primarily with Facebook Groups. There are groups where you’ll find fellow bloggers where you can swap relevant links with which will, in turn, boost your DA. I talk about it in detail here: How To Increase Domain Authority For Your Blog

For Content Promotion

As a new blogger who is still struggling to kick their Pinterest and/or SEO strategy into motion, you need that early sprinkles of traffic to keep you motivated. This is where Facebook can come in handy. You’ll need to join general groups in your niche that will allow you to share your links when responding to comments. Personally, in my group, I don’t allow links and that is because the group is super niche. But others like Boss Girl Bloggers allow links so you can take advantage of groups like that. Remember to consider your target audience as well. So, join groups that your blog will benefit from.

For Content Idea Generation

When trying to populate my blog content calendar, I like to consult Facebook groups for ideas. In fact, one of the main reasons for creating my personal Facebook group was to help with content ideas. Every month, I look out for FAQs and create content around them. More often than not, this post performs very well. For my other blogs including this one, I consult other Facebook groups that I belong to in my niche. I usually scroll down to see the questions people are asking. If I find anyone that jumps at me or I haven’t previously covered, I take note of the topic. So, if you occasionally struggle to come up with content ideas, you need to check out Facebook groups. Not only will you be creating relevant content, but you’ll also be creating content that solves people’s problems.

7 Effective Ways To Use Facebook For Bloggers

To Undertake Market Research For Product Launch

If you have any plans to release digital products in the future, then you’ll find Facebook groups useful for market research. As you should be aware, your digital products should be solving problems. You shouldn’t just be creating products just for the sake of it or simply to make money. Make sure it is solving your target audience’s pain point. Spending quality time on Facebook will give you ideas of what kind of problems people are struggling with and what products you can create to solve them.

For Blogging Advice, Tips & Tricks From Experts

Both new and veteran bloggers need all the tips, tricks, support and community they can get from fellow bloggers. Blogging can be a very lonely journey but having a community of like-minded people makes it all so worth it. Even after almost a decade in this industry, I still learn new things on Facebook groups. From the latest Keyword Research tool to new strategies to make money to insider information around pricing, e.t.c. Facebook groups are incredibly useful.

For Collaboration Opportunites

Where else will you find other bloggers that you can easily collaborate with? In fact, there are dedicated groups for blogger collaborations. There are also general groups where collaboration is allowed. You just have to do your research and make sure you’re not going against any rules. Whether it’s for a collaborative giveaway or a compilation post, you’ll always find bloggers to work with.


I hope you have found this post on seven effective ways to use Facebook for bloggers. Don’t be pressured to immediately create your own personal group if you’re not ready. Take advantage of the other existing Facebook groups until yours is ready.

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