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Facebook launches new Creator Studio App

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Earlier today, Facebook launched a new ‘Creator Studio ‘ Mobile app. The app, which is an upgraded version of the desktop tool, is dedicated to helping creators, publishers and business owners manage content, track performance and connect with their audiences on Facebook.

The Creative Studio mobile app could without a doubt, make Facebook marketing easier for you and your business. As it provides the same features as the desktop hub, from the comfort of a smartphone. 

What is the Facebook Creative Studio Mobile app all about?

As Facebook finely explained that:

“The app is an evolution of and mobile complement to Creator Studio, the desktop hub dedicated to helping creators and publishers manage their content, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook. The new experience offers the same actionable insights and meaningful engagement metrics, all from the ease of a mobile device.”

Alongside being an upgrade from the desktop tool, the mobile app also serves as a replacement for Facebook ‘s previous creator app. It was shut down in March 2019 and was initially known as ‘Mentions’.  One of the major differences between the Creator Studio app and Mentions happens to be the improved interface and posting capacity.

This means that you not only get to manage, edit and track your performance and posts. You also get the added advantage of responding to messages to and managing multiple Facebook pages. However, the app has some limitations. 

Facebook launches new creative studio app
Photo Credit: Social Media Today

As explained by social media expert Matt Navarra:

“Users are not able to upload content to the app and create new posts via the tool. You need to create posts in either the Facebook app or via desktop, then schedule them or save them as drafts”.

Even with the limitations at hand, the app still comes off as an added advantage as Facebook promises some additional cool features and tools in the app. We have no doubt that the new Creator Studio would at the very least, bring some ease to every content creator, publisher, and business owner in terms of Facebook marketing.‍

To download the creator studio app on Android or iOS, search the Play and App store respectively.


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