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Facebook Live to Support Audio Streaming

Facebook Live to Support Audio Streaming
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A new option has been added to Facebook Live to enable users to listen to the audio version of live videos.

Facebook had reported a surge in demand for its services amid coronavirus lockdown all over the world. Messaging activity on the platform has spiked by 50% across the globe while the use of live video on messenger is up by 70%.

Another area the platform has witnessed an increase in activity is Facebook Live. Fidji Simo, head of Facebook’s main app revealed the number of people streaming live videos in the US has risen by 50%.

The increase is however expected as more people are spending times at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

In order to make the experience more wholesome to the users, Facebook has added some more tools. The new option is designed for regular users and professional broadcasters.

Facebook’s new option will make audio versions of live videos available to users who may not be available to watch.

How It Works

“First off, for regular Facebook users, The social network is adding automatic closed captions, while it’s also providing a new option for people to listen to the audio of Live broadcasts without viewing the video, enabling those with lower data capacity to tune in.”

“Facebook has provided audio-only Live broadcasts since 2016, but this new option takes a slightly different angle, in that the broadcast itself would still be audio and video, but each individual viewer will have the option to only listen in, if they choose,” Facebook says.

This option could come very handy for people who want to follow a live video while on the move. Facebook will practically turn a live video to a podcast you can enjoy while walking.

An Option For Charity

Facebook is also providing an option that will enable live broadcasters to carry out fundraising for charity. Broadcasters will be allowed to generate a toll-free telephone number to be used within their broadcast.

Facebook is also expanding its Stars viewer donation process. This is to enable musicians and cultural institutions to raise funds via Facebook Live.

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