5 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Facebook Page For Business

In the last five years or thereabout, Facebook has evolved from the mere social network we used to know to a media powerhouse. Particularly with the acquisition of Instagram, WhatsApp and most recently TBH.

Despite the trend of millennials shifting their energies and spending more time on Instagram, Facebook is and will always be at the top. With 2 billion MAUs, as a business owner, you should not underrate the power of Facebook.

Perhaps, one of the best things about Facebook is their constant improvement in the User Experience. The Facebook of a year ago is definitely not the same of today. They’re constantly pushing out updates that would improve the usability of the platform.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? it means that you need to be constantly aware of this updates to optimize your Page for conversion. If you can’t keep up (which you shouldn’t have to), you should be hiring a social media manager. Speak to us if you need one.

Now, in the last ten months, as usual, there have been major improvements to the general appearance of Facebook pages.

In case you missed them here’s a few things you should update to improve the effectiveness and increase the conversion rate of your page.

  • Fill in the details of your page completely!

When you created your Facebook page, you probably did so in a hurry and didn’t particularly have time to go through every nook and cranny of the page. But now you do. Set some time apart and fill in every necessary detail that is required of you. Choose the right type of page that suits your business and if it’s not available, select the standard page. Fill in your contact details correctly. Create a username if you are yet to.

  • ‎Include a Shop or Services tab

Another thing you should do to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook page is to creat custom tabs. By the left-hand side, there is a list of default tabs that come with every page. Go through them in the Settings and create a Shop and or Services Tab. Depending on what you offer, make sure your products and/or services are well listed with adequate descriptions and prices if you wish.

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  • Link a group

It’s no news that the organic reach of Facebook has declined in recent times. This means that you have to put in extra effort to get your content to be noticed by your followers. Groups are usually heavily engaged and linking a group to your Facebook page is one of the ways you can boost your organic reach. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Depending on your type of business, you can create a support group to offer customer service.

  • Use Facebook Apps

Well, in case you didn’t know there are several apps that can be integrated with your Facebook page. For instance, you can integrate your MailChimp sign-up form with your Facebook Page. You can also display a beautiful grid of your Instagram feed as well as your tweets and YouTube videos on your Facebook page.You can take it a step further by including appointment scheduling apps for business. Whatever your business is, there’s a Facebook app for you.

  • Use A Facebook Cover Video

The beauty of Facebook right now is that they’re trying to make it as customizable as possible to avoid being bland and generic. Cover videos are not as possible as they should be yet but they are an amazing way to bump up your Facebook page by luring potential customers and clients in. If a photo speaks a thousand words, a video speaks one million. Take advantage of it! The possibilities for cover videos are endless as long as you allow your creativity flow.

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