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Facebook ‘s New ‘One-Time Notification’ API and What it Means for your Business

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Facebook recently launched a new ‘one-time notification’ API for businesses on Messenger this week. This launch enables you to communicate with your potential customers about updates relevant to their interest.

But what does this mean for you and your business?

Here’s what you should know about Facebook’s new API

Facebook new API
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As explained by Facebook:

“In December, we announced our plans to introduce [a new] API to support valuable use cases like price drop alerts, back in stock alerts, and other important follow-ups that people have requested notifications for. The way the API works is simple: Businesses can send a message to the user asking if they want to be notified on a topic. If the user asks to be notified, the business receives a token and can use this token to send out the notification with the information the user requested at a later time.”

In order to regulate spam messages, Facebook’s messenger had a limit on how often brands could contact their customers. Prior to the new update, businesses had 24 hours to reply to any message sent by a consumer. This time frame was placed to justify Facebook’s expectations of faster responses from businesses. In situations where a response isn’t provided, an additional allowance is given. However, in line with the new update launch, this option is no longer available.

The new Facebook API has more restrictions which are governed majorly by the consumers, further limiting the potential for spam messages.

With this new update, you need to request the customer’s permission to send him/her regular updates like change in prices, back-in-stock alerts, e.t.c. If a user grants you permission, you receive a token. This is used to send notifications requested by the consumer.

It is also important to know that the new API update would give allowance for direct commerce. Facebook has said it’s developing updates called ‘Facebook Pay’ & ‘WhatsApp Pay, which enables money transfer via messages. 

The extent at which this API would go to protect consumers is yet to be fully understood. We understand that this new API, would definitely facilitate the next stage of business activities on Facebook both for consumers and business owners.


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