How To Get More Traffic For Your New Blog (For Beginners)

How To Get More Traffic For Your New Blog (For Beginners)
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This post will be sharing five practical ways to get more traffic for your new blog.

If there’s one thing new bloggers struggle with, it is driving traffic to their new blogs. It’s almost inevitable. Especially for bloggers who have no prior experience in Digital Marketing. I recently started a new blog and the entire process of kicking it off the ground is literally kicking my ass and it just reminded me of how much patience is required in the early days. This experience also helped me reminisce on some of the strategies I used to build my first blog. Some of which I’ll be sharing with you shortly.

If there’s anything you need to take away from this post, it is how much PATIENCE is required in this blogging journey. You honestly need to have an endless supply of patience. Even after your blog has taken off, you need even more patience to get to the next step of your blogging goals. It goes without saying that for every level your blog goes through, you need to be patient enough to achieve your desired results. This is why it’s never a good idea to quit your 9-5 prematurely. Make sure your blog is earning enough to sustain you.

Possibly the most challenging phase of the blogging journey is getting that first 10,000 pageviews. In my experience getting 10,000 – 100,000 is easier because at this point you’re consistent enough with what works for you. So, how do you get your first 10,000 page views?

Let’s get into it!

Here are Seven Ways to Get more Traffic to Your New Blog As A Beginner.

These tips will be shared in the order of how quicker to slower. Obviously, some strategies will get results quickly while others will take some time. Whatever you choose to do, just be consistent with it.

Difficulty Level: Easy

These tips do not require much expertise and as such will be easy for you to do by yourself.

Via Existing (Personal) Social Media Accounts

Technically, you should have separate social media accounts for your new blog. But if you’re just starting out, you will need to cross-promote on your personal social media to drive traffic in the early stages. This early promotion adds up quickly and helps a lot. Just make sure you’re not spamming your audience with blog links. You can do this on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts.

Via Twitter Retweet Accounts

During my early days promoting my blog, I got a number of Twitter Retweet Accounts to retweet my links and expose my blog to their audiences. I got a few affiliate sales along the way. This really helped in getting the word out and bringing that initial burst of traffic. There’s a big community of blogger girls on Twitter who are always open to supporting other bloggers. The only problem is that you might only be attracting fellow bloggers who aren’t necessarily your ideal target audience. But in the beginning, you need all the organic traffic you can get so it doesn’t really matter. All, you need to do is to tag them in your link tweets like this;

Via Facebook Groups

Another avenue that really boosted my traffic was Facebook groups. This was even before I created my personal Facebook group. All you need to do is to join groups that are relevant to your niche. I initially joined a couple of groups around Skincare for my lifestyle blog where I was able to drop helpful comments with my links where necessary. You have to be careful though because a lot of Facebook admins don’t like links posted in their groups. So, you have to find groups that allow links and follow their rules. If you’re a blogger, Facebook groups are a vital tool in your blogging journey. So get comfortable with them ASAP!

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Via Online Communities such as Reddit & Quora

I dipped my toes in these online communities briefly but left when the whole process started to get exhausting. But there’s no doubt that people get tons of traffic from Reddit and Quora. The only thing is, you need to be super strategic. You can’t just drop your links anywhere or anyhow. You need to provide helpful responses first and then attach your links thereafter. If this is something you can do occasionally, give it a try.

These first four suggestions are pretty easy to do for any beginner. As long as you can dedicate time to them daily or weekly consistently, you’ll get results. The only con is these strategies are not sustainable. You don’t need sprinkles or short bursts of traffic to be successful in blogging. You need as much traffic as you can possibly get. Loads of it! This is why the next three tips are sustainable strategies that will get you a lot of traffic in the long run.

How To Get More Traffic For Your New Blog (For Beginners)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate – Advanced

These three tips require a level of expertise so you can either decide to learn them by yourself or fast track the process by investing in good resources.

Via Email Marketing

Having an engaging email list is one of the vital assets you need as a blogger. Asides from boosting your blog traffic, when well utilized you can use it to achieve any future blogging goals like affiliate or digital product sales. But just like anything worthwhile, it takes a while to build an email list that will provide you with substantial traffic. So, the earlier you start, the better for you.

Via Pinterest Marketing

While Pinterest is currently having identity issues, there’s still no doubt about its effectiveness for bloggers. With just about six months of consistently pinning daily, I was able to get over 10,000+ page views in no time. Unlike previous strategies, Pinterest gives you traffic in bulk. Yes, you’ll definitely have the droplets and sprinkles at the beginning. but when it picks up, it never stops. While Pinterest is less of a priority for me these days, I still get daily traffic from the platform. Rather than pumping out a bunch of fresh pins daily, I just batch create them and schedule them for a week. It is definitely worth investing in Pinterest from the beginning as it eventually pays off over time.

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Via Search Engine Optimization

The ultimate strategy to get sustainable profitable traffic is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Trust me, there’s nothing like getting that sweet traffic from Google after all putting in all the effort. The only problem is that it is a long-term game that takes a while to get results. Just like Pinterest, you also need to start investing in SEO from Day One. Don’t wait until you have 100 unoptimized posts before you start. Learn as much as you can before and after launching your blog. It will save you so much time in the long run. Right now, my blog traffic is predominantly from SEO followed by Pinterest and Facebook Groups so I don’t have to waste time on Twitter Retweet Accounts or Reddit. I just focus on pumping out relevant content and building my backlink profile. Here are some resources you can start with: SEO

In Conclusion,

I hope you have found this post on how to get more traffic for your new blog useful. Just remember, traffic will always come as long as you’re patient and consistent. Hang in there!

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