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Here’s Why Your Facebook Ads Are Currently Being Delayed

Reasons For Recent Facebook Ads Approval Delay

If you have been experiencing delays in getting approval your for your Facebook ads recently, it may have nothing to do with your post or ad account. Facebook just announced some delays should be expected as the world battles coronavirus (COVID-19).

Facebook had shut down its offices, leaving their workers to work from home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This means many contract workers are unable to work and this has reduced the capacity to review and approve ads.

Facebook depends on the service of contractors for content moderation and the company had warned there may be some delays as it will be relying on automated systems.

During the review, some ads may be wrongly rejected as a result of the automation system. So in case your ads have been getting rejected and you don’t understand the reason, you may fall under this category.

“We use a combination of people and technology to review ads on Facebook and Instagram, and our automated systems already play a big role in that process. Now with a reduced and remote workforce, we’re relying on automated technology even more,” the company says

What Advertisers Should Expect

  • Delayed review for ads and commerce listings
  • An increase in ads being incorrectly disapproved
  • Delayed or reduced appeals
  • More limited availability of Facebook in-stream ads and lower delivery

This situation may be infuriating to advertisers that need to seek alternatives to reach their target audience.

Recommended Solution

However, Rob Leathern, Facebook Trust and Integrity Team Leader gave a piece of advice that could limit the impact. According to Rob, advertisers should extend delivery times of their best performing ads. This is because creating new ads will be subjected to a fresh review and will take time.

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