12 Useful Home Office Organization Ideas

12 Useful Home Office Organization Ideas
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This post will be sharing 12 useful home office organzation ideas.

Since the beginning of my career about seven years ago, I’ve mostly been working from home so I’m not a stranger to the world of remote work. Before now, I’ve never really paid too much attention to how my home office setup was. As long as the space allocated was condusive and comfortable enough for my gadgets, I was fine.

But then, it is 2021 and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that has been going on for over a year now. With all the national lockdowns we are being subject to, there’s no better time to ensure that your working area is comfortable enough. Personally, I’ve spent the last couple of months giving my living area a much-needed upgrade. This also includes the area that I have allocated as my home office. I’ve invested in some simple office decor as well as organizers. Moving a few things around and ensuring they are well – organized might seem like a bare minimum but it adds up quickly and makes a lot of difference, trust me.

I’ve particularly been loving some organizers to ensure my home office setup is nice and tidy. There’s nothing like a well-organized space to improve your productivity. So, if you’re not sure what organizers to get, this post is for you.

Here Are 12 Home Office Organization Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed.

In no particular order;

6 Piece Desk Organizer

This is such a useful desk organizer. I remember buying mine individually before I found out that they came in a set. If you’re tired of how cluttered your desk looks like, this is the organizer you need. You can organize your stationery, documents, notepads, sticky notes, magazines, business cards and letters. It’s an all-in-one bundle that is absolutely necessary for an organized desk. Plus it comes in different colours, depending on your style.


Desktop Printer Shelf

I recently got an inkjet printer and I didn’t realize how much space it occupied on my desk until I unboxed it. So, I went searching for a shelf to make the most of the space the printer occupies and I found this. This shelf is so functional. Even if you don’t have a printer or any office equipment to use, you can still use it to organize your desk.


3 – Tier Utility Rolling Cart

The first time I saw this rolling cart was in a TikTok video and I noticed how the small business owner utilizes it to organize her home office. I was instantly intrigued by the endless ways this cart can be utilized. I immediately made a mental note to get one for myself. If you have stuff that you use daily hanging around and you’re not quite sure where to organize in such a way that you can easily reach it, then this cart is for you.


10 – Tier Wall Mounted File Organizer

Another of my favourite home office organization ideas is this wall mounted file organizer. It’s a multi-functional organizer that is pretty easy to mount with no external help. If you can’t for the life of you stand clutter or you have more than enough on your desk, this is a great way to transfer your documents to your wall.


Monitor Stand with Storage Organizer

If you feel like your monitor needs to be elevated to your eye level to improve your posture and relieve your incessant neck pain, then you need a monitor stand. This is pretty easy to assemble as and it also doubles as a storage organizer. You have two drawers where you can place items that clutter your desk. You also have a phone and coffee holder.


Adjustable Desktop Storage Organizer

The beauty of organizers is that they are different options to choose from. You just need to pick one that works with your aesthetic. This is an adjustable desktop storage organizer that you can use to save space on your desk. This elevated organizer means you have fewer items on your desk and more space to move around. There’s nothing like a spacious desk to boost your productivity. You can store your books, cute plants or even office supplies.


12 Useful Home Office Organization Ideas

24 Pocket Poly Organizer

If you need something to organize your business records such as receipts and invoices, you need this pocket poly organizer. Particularly If you pay taxes, you’ll find this organizer helpful for bookkeeping so you don’t have to scramble or panicking everywhere when you need to get your records together.


Smartphone Stand Holder

If you have a home office and you don’t have a smartphone stand holder, you’re missing out. It’s a game-changer for multi-tasking especially if you want to talk on the phone or watch a video while working. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for my home office.


Triangle Bookshelf

I’ve been looking for a sturdy and aesthetic organizer for my books and this is just perfect. Depending on the size, it can hold up to 9 books, files, magazines, documents, you name it. If anything needs to be organized and can fit, go right ahead.


Cable Organizer Box Set

I can’t be the only one that can’t stand the sight of tangled messy cables. Ever since I invested in a cable organizer box with a surge protector, I’ve never been more pleased. When working from home, you’ll be working with quite a number of gadgets so you want to ensure that they are well organized to keep them safe and prevent potential fire outbreaks.


Under Desk Storage

If there’s one area that is yet to be utilized, it is under the desk. If your desk doesn’t come with drawers, then you can attach makeshift ones. I recently got this adhesive under desk organizers and they’re everything. If I feel like my desk is too cluttered with too many organizers and I need to just put them all away, this works perfectly. It’s super easy to install in minutes. To reinforce the adhesive tape, you can just use some all-purpose glue and it will stick for a while.


Adjustable Laptop Stand with CPU Fans

Another must-have home office organization idea you’ll find useful is an adjustable laptop stand. If you don’t use a monitor but a laptop, then you’ll like this one. It also comes with USB powered cooling fans to protect your laptop from overheating. If you’re still not sold on monitor/laptop stands, they particularly help reduce eye and neck strains. The difference is instantly clear. What’s not to love?!


In Conclusion,

I hope you have found this list of home office organization ideas useful and practical. If you would like to know more about the online tools I use to run my business, check them out here.

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