Every single day, I see new Instagram business accounts popping up and that’s a good thing. It means that the awareness is growing and we are beginning to understand the importance of social media for business.

On the flip side, one of the downsides of social media is its constant evolution. It changes on a daily basis. For a small business owner, it can be a hassle keeping up but it is important to be on top of things and not be left behind.

For Instagram, it’s not any different. There are weekly updates that improve the aethesitics and general functionality of the app. The Instagram of 2017 is definitely not the same of 2018. Your job now is to make sure your account is well optimized and not sidelined to achieve your business goals.

Here are five ways you can optimize your Instagram business account in 2018.

  • Update your username. Before now, the space for usernames used to be for just that; usernames. But nowadays as the app becomes increasingly popular and saturated, you need find a way to stand out from the crowd. Your username should reflect your unique selling point. For instance if you sell books, your Instagram username should reflect the type of books you sell and if your character limit allows, your location too. Make the most of that space because it is the first thing a potential client or customer would see before clicking on your profile.
  • Work on your bio. Your bio is the only space you have to sell your stuff. You literally have 150 characters to expand on your unique selling point and convince people to buy. Make the most of it by avoiding fluff. Go straight to the point, use hashtags and include your calls to action. You want people to know that you offer worldwide shipping, include it. You want them to sign up for a checklist, make it as clear as possible. Make it a habit to look at other bios and improve yours regularly.


  • Don’t forget your Story Highlights too. One of the most important Instagram update so far in 2018 is the Story Highlights. It literally gave brands another opportunity to take personalization further beyond the bio and the feed. As a business, the highlights is a chance tell more stories about your brand. It’s a chance to invite your audience into your world and serenade them. It’s not necessarily a space for selling but with these days with the new algorithm, you can reach your most active audience through Stories. Don’t know where to start from or how to categorize your stories? Think of it as the navigation bar on your website. Highlight the major features of your brand. It should include an About, Services/Products, Reviews and Testimonials. Don’t forget to include content from behind-the-scenes of your business as well as helpful video tutorials.
  • Fill in your contact details. If for some reasons, you forget to fill in your contact details whilst switching to a business profile, make sure you remember to include them. Your audience should not have any issues getting in touch with you.
  • Maximize the link. On Instagram, you only have one opportunity for an hyperlink. Make the most of it. If you have a several links, use a link management tool such as Linktree with relevant calls to action.

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