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Instagram Category Listing will sort Active Users from Inactive ones.

Instagram Rolls Out Category Listing to Sort Active Users
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Photo and video sharing social media platform Instagram has announced a category listing that will help users sort out which accounts they get to see first on their feed and the ones they seldom engage with.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest Instagram Category Listing.

To sieve which Instagram account you engage with the most and the account you interact with the least, just tap the ‘Following’ option on your profile.

This new Instagram category listing is similar to the one provided by Facebook where users get to choose the account or pages they want to see first. The difference, however, is that Facebook did not provide an option to select ‘least interacted with accounts’

The whole point of the ‘least interacted with’ is to recommend the accounts to unfollow. While the ‘most present list’ enable users to have more control over what comes up on their feed. On the other hand, users can relegate account they do not want to unfollow even with low interaction.

The new feature was first spotted with Jane Machun Wong, popular tech blogger and app researcher last year October. The spotted testing also included new topic categorization for ‘following’ list. The topic listing, however, was not featured in this new rollout. Jane is known to be the first to test most of Instagram’s new features.

This new Instagram update is divergent from social media designs where platforms want users to follow as many accounts as possible in order to retain engagements.

It should be recalled that Twitter had experimented with this feature in 2018 where the platform recommended accounts to stop following in order to improve users’ experience.

As people have become more selective about what they want to see: rendering the old follow-for-follow method obsolete especially on Instagram, there is a need for social media platforms to follow Instagram’s efforts in adapting to this trend.

How will it benefit business owners?

This new feature will most likely increase engagement on Instagram. The platform will be more interesting to users who will get to see posts from accounts that matter most to them. Instead of relying on an algorithm to decide what they see.

Business owners who depend on Instagram to create awareness and patronage will also benefit from this feature. As it will help them to identify fans that no longer interact with their messages.

Some users, however, have complained they have not been able to use the new feature even after updating their Instagram app.

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