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Instagram’s Top Tips For Connecting With Your Audience During Coronavirus

Tips to Connect with Your Followers Amidst Coronavirus
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It is no longer news that the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Organizations of different sizes all over the world are feeling the impact of the pandemic including brands.

The lockdown in most countries of the world is hard on everyone but it is harder on brands and businesses.

The isolation which is a direct effect of the lockdown is teaching us to adjust social relationships and how we sustain them.

As a brand, you should be concerned about how to get your customers and clients connected to you and Instagram has provided some tips that might help.

Consider Live videos

A lot of people are used to posting recorded videos online but going live is a different ball game. It may seem difficult if you are not used to it but it is not impossible. Live video is practically the closest thing to face-to-face interaction. It is a good way to stay connected to your followers.

Live video affords you the opportunity to interact with your audience one on one. Don’t forget people are spending more time behind their screen now that there is a lockdown. You might as well use the opportunity to build a better rapport and gain more grand before the lockdown is over.

Preparing For Live Video

These tips will help in getting ready for your live video

Give your followers an advance notice: Let them know you will be coming online. You could drop some teasers too, something to whet their appetite.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection: Having a strong connection is not negotiable. Going on and off will make your followers lose interest and make you appear unprepared.

Prepare your topic: Make sure you are armed with enough information on what you want to talk about. You will be more confident if you have a grim on your topic.

Check the image below for more tips

Tips to Connect with Your Followers Amidst Coronavirus Tips to Connect with Your Followers Amidst Coronavirus

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