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3 Ways To Do Keyword Research on Pinterest

3 Ways To Do Keyword Research on Pinterest
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This post which was originally published on will be showing you how to do keyword research on Pinterest.

Before anything else, it is important to know that Pinterest is a visual search engine. Yes, just like Google. While it also has the features of a social network, it is more of a platform to find inspiration. This means that people go on Pinterest, type in certain words and expect to be flooded with results. Most times, it either fashion, beauty or food. Those words are called ‘keywords’.

If you want to succeed in Pinterest as a blogger or a brand, you need to know how to utilise and manipulate these keywords to get results. Most times, when people complain that they don’t get results on Pinterest, it is because they just dump their pins there without proper Pinterest SEO.

What is Pinterest SEO you might be wondering?

It is the strategic placement of keywords to increase visibility and drive relevant high-quality traffic. To get results, you must know how and where to place your keywords to maximise its potential.

What makes Pinterest different from other social networks? Why should I pay attention to keywords?

  1. Like I mentioned earlier, just like the top players, Pinterest is predominantly a visual (image) based platforms. Lately, they have tried to upgrade their features by introducing Pinterest Stories and Videos. But it still hasn’t taken off so the platform is still heavily image-based.
  2. The lifespan of a pin is longer than most social networks. Similar to YouTube, the lifespan of a pin is 10x longer than the average social network. You could create a pin today and it would still go viral and bring in traffic in 6 months or even 18 months if it is relevant and well optimized.
  3. It is grossly underrated because most people don’t have the patience to understand it. Pinterest currently has about 300m monthly average users compared to Facebook with 2Billion and Instagram about 1Billion. This shows that it is not exactly saturated just yet. Thus, it provides a wealth of opportunities for individuals and businesses.

So how can you optimise your content for Pinterest?

The first thing you need to do before creating your content is keyword research. You need to find out what exactly your audience is searching for. When you have that data, you can then optimise your content to match queries with results. As well as maximise the potential of your pins.

3 Ways To Do A Keyword Research on Pinterest

Via The Search Bar

Just like the Google search bar, Pinterest also has a search bar with a suggestion/autocomplete function. Whenever you log in to Pinterest to find ideas or inspiration, the search bar is easily the first feature of contact. This where you type in short or long-tail keywords to find results. Depending on how familiar you are with the platform, you can get whatever ideas you are looking for. This presents a great opportunity for bloggers and brands. You want to find keywords to create content and optimize your pin for so that it ranks when it is searched for? Use the Search Bar. Use it to gather all your long-tail keywords.

Tip: Short keywords are nice and all but they are usually over-saturated with old pins. Use untapped long-tail keywords to rank your pins. I usually write them all out in notepad.

Via Popular Searches

3 Ways To Do Keyword Research on Pinterest

Another part of the Pinterest Search Bar is the popular/ trending searches. This used to be the default trend-spotting tool before the arrival of Pinterest trends. It is split into two; Ideas for you which is based on your search habits and Popular searches which is based on the trending keywords at the moment. This tab is also another way to find relevant keywords. Sometimes, I’m amazed by the kind the things being searched for on Pinterest. As such I make sure to check it every day whether or not I’m conducting keyword research. Asides from the search trends, it also reveals consumer behaviour. Yes, teenagers search Pinterest for cute messages to send to their boyfriends. All of these and more are very important data to inform your overall Pinterest strategy.

Via Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends was released last year but is still limited to the US market. It is easily one of my current favourite tools for keyword research. This is because I can find keywords that are trending in real-time. This gives me an insight into the kind of relevant content to create. It also helps me optimize my pins with trending keywords. Most times, when I want to use a keyword, I quickly run it through Pinterest Trends to see how well it is performing before choosing it. Study it and utilize it for your keyword research.

As you have seen Pinterest keywords are glaring and just waiting for you to utilize them. So take advantage of them in your next Pinterest keyword research and watch your conversions improve dramatically!

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3 Ways To Do Keyword Research on Pinterest

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