How To Choose A Pinterest-Friendly Niche For Your Blog/Brand

How To Choose A Pinterest-Friendly Niche For Your Blog/Brand
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This post will be showing you how to choose a Pinterest – friendly niche for your blog or brand.

Asides from the bloggers that are completely clueless about Pinterest, every other person wants to maximise the potential to the fullest. They want to get as much traffic as possible from the platform with over 300m monthly average users. Myself included. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean we all want to achieve a level of success for our brands. But it’s so important for us to go about it the right way.

A couple of weeks ago, while going through my Pinterest Analytics, I stumbled on some really interesting data. While I had always been aware of some of these data, it was great to see them backed by actual numbers.

How To Choose A Pinterest-Friendly Niche For Your Blog/Brand

Now, I’m sure you are aware that there are certain niches that perform extremely well on Pinterest. I mean when you think about the platform, there are three keywords that come to mind; food, fashion and lifestyle. In fact, Pinterest calls itself a lifestyle destination. This automatically means that certain types of content will perform really well.

So what does that mean for you as a new or veteran blogger? How do you properly harness the power of Pinterest?

By choosing the right niche or adapting an already existing niche.

5 Top Pinterest Niches That Perform Really Well

  • Food & Drink

Every day, people log on to Pinterest to find recipes for all kinds of meals. I honestly don’t think there’s any recipe you need that you won’t find on Pinterest. That’s how comprehensive the catalogue of food recipes are. This also shows how incredibly popular and demanding the niche is. I can’t count how many times I’ve been tempted to create a food blog because it feels like easy traffic. As a result of the popularity of the niche, it’s fairly easy to drive massive traffic to a food blog in a very short time. As long as your food photography and Pinterest strategies are in point, you will easily do well.

  • Fashion

After food, fashion easily comes next. Pinners from all over the world come on Pinterest daily to find inspiration for all sorts of outfits for various occasions and seasons. Just like food, this niche is also as extensive as it can possibly be. Whether you are looking for a graduation outfit or a winter capsule inspiration, you will find everything and then some. For bloggers and creators, the popularity of this niche presents an opportunity to drive massive traffic to our fashion blogs.

  • DIY & Crafts

Listen, I didn’t grasp how incredibly popular the craft niche was until recently. I wouldn’t even have known until I started paying attention to the platform. But then, one day in April, I saw a tweet about someone’s pin that went viral with 4m impressions and 56k link clicks. That showed how powerful the platform is. Also, the more I paid attention to the popular searches tab in the search bar, the more I began to notice the kind of crafts were in demand. From Easter to Father’s Day crafts, there was always something for each celebration.

  • Home Decor

Still in the lifestyle category, the home decor niche waxes very strong. Particularly during this coronavirus lockdown, pinners have used this opportunity for home renovations. So you have trending searches for backyard landscaping to bathroom decor and kitchen remodel. Asides from looking for ideas, pinners also come to Pinterest to plan their dream homes. Naturally, the platform is well-populated with all kinds of interior decor for different tastes. This presents an opportunity for creators in the home and interior design industry.

  • Beauty

From hair, nails and skincare you name it, Pinterest is the destination to find the latest trends. As a result of the popularity of this niche, some beauty bloggers might find it oversaturated. It is and it can be. It also means that you can get decent traffic for your beauty content easily. I know I do. My beauty content currently brings me the most traffic for my lifestyle blog. While you might need to go the extra mile by adding your unique spin to your beauty content, there is no doubt about the amount of success beauty creators can find on Pinterest.

Other Pinterest niches that perform fairly well

  • Art & Design
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Event planning
  • Gardening
  • Quotes
  • Wedding
  • Parenting

Two Ways To Leverage Pinterest Niches

  • Change your blog niche completely

This is a better option for you if you are just starting out. You really don’t want to confuse your audience by switching your niche six months into your blogging journey. If you can’t change your blog niche, then create a new blog. Otherwise, you are better off with the second option.

  • Add a new related niche to your existing blog

For my lifestyle blog, instead of changing my niche completely, I included a Pinterest friendly niche and tweaked my content strategy. That way I could enjoy the massive potential of Pinterest and still blog about what I liked. This is something you can definitely do anytime. But make sure the niche is related. You don’t want to include a beauty niche to a home decor blog. Well, except it’s a multi-niche lifestyle blog.

I hope this post has been able to give you an insight into how Pinterest niches work and how to take advantage of them.

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How To Choose A Pinterest-Friendly Niche For Your Blog/Brand

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