Here’s Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins

Here's Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins
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This post will be sharing why you should be prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins.

I started using Pinterest religiously to grow my blog in March 2020. This was when I actually sat down to create a strategy that I’m still reaping the rewards of even today. To fast-track the entire process, I invested in a Pinterest Marketing course. That sole decision was able to kick off my second blog off the ground and get my first 10,000 views.

Now between early 2020 and now, Pinterest has gone through two different phases with the introduction of video thereby de-prioritizing Standard Pins which is the very foundation that has shaped the platform into what it is today. In short, Pinterest saw how well video is thriving on other platforms and decided to follow suit. The marketer in me doesn’t blame them because, for the longest time, their Monthly Average Users (MAU) was quite stagnant. They simply weren’t growing and getting new users. This, I’m sure is a strategic step to try to compete with other platforms. Again, not a bad strategy at all even though they’re losing their essence in the process.

But the blogger in me is distraught. Even though I wasn’t planning to use Pinterest as my primary traffic channel, I have new blogs that would really appreciate the traffic until my SEO efforts kick in. So, what have I been doing so far? Instead of complaining about things outside my control, I’ve decided to do what I have to do. If the platform is asking for videos, I might as well give them.

What Are Pinterest Idea Pins?

Here's Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins

They are literally Pinterest’s version of Stories with extended (TikTok- like) editing capabilities. They were initially called Story Pins but earlier this year were renamed Idea Pins as they rolled out to everyone. For the longest time, I just ignored it especially when I found that you can’t link to it. I mean, how useful can Idea Pins be for any blogger if they can’t link back to their blog. Plus, I don’t have the time or energy to create extra content for the same platform.

Anyway, one day I decided to casually test it out. I reposted one of my TikTok videos as an idea pin to see how well it would perform. After about a few days I was pleasantly surprised. Pinterest actually prioritizes idea pins by pushing them out immediately after they are posted. This means that the impressions drizzle in immediately. This wasn’t convincing enough for me until I posted three other idea pins.

Here's Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins
Metrics for my first batch of Idea Pins after two weeks.

The metrics I got were quite convincing but not convincing enough for me to be consistent with them. So, I had to think and figure out the best way to fully maximize their impact. I looked at my core boards that needed a boost. If I was getting impressions on Idea Pins that quickly, there’s no way it won’t have an impact on my Standard Pins which have been stagnant all this time. One of my boards that needed a boost was my UK Travel board so last week, I decided to create Idea Pins for the board. Here are the metrics so far:

Here's Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins

Not too bad eh? I’ll keep watching the metrics closely to see how effective it is in boosting my Standard Pins.

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Best Practices For Creating Pinterest Ideas

Since we’re not able to add links to our idea pins, you might still be considering if it is worth using it for your account. First of all, it is the latest Pinterest feature and like every other platform, they will prioritize new features first. So, it is completely up to you. But if you want to try them out, here are some tips to bear in mind:

If you have a new account, create Idea Pins first.

I have a fairly new Pinterest account for my new blog and I’m struggling to get impressions talkless of outbound clicks. But the very few Idea Pins have taken off with over 1,000 impressions. So, don’t waste any more time. Create a good batch of idea pins to kick your account off the ground.

Don’t overcomplicate your content

It’s hard enough that we have to create separate content for Idea Pins but don’t overcomplicate it. Personally, I’m also seeing results compiling 6 – 10 images together to create a compelling story. Just make sure your cover image is a video clip or an animated image.

Be strategic with your content

You don’t want to give away all your content that should be read on your website on your idea pins just to create content. So, be creative. Make compilations or highlight reels that will have your audience begging for more which will drive them to your website.

Keep your Idea Pins short and snappy.

You might be tempted to use all 20 image allowances but you don’t have to. Use between 6-10 images or 60 seconds – 2-minute videos. Again, you don’t want to give too much away.

Other Pinterest Pins Performing Well Other Than Idea Pins

The beauty of having three different Pinterest accounts of different sizes is that I can experiment to see what is working and what is not. So, based on my experience, here are the pins you should be creating;

60s Video pins

Here's Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins
My most viral video pin still bringing in traffic to date

Before Idea Pins took over, I was getting so many results from videos. Even though right now, Pinterest is trying to restrict video pins and merge everything into Idea Pins, I’m still able to manoeuvre it sometimes. So, if you have a relevant TikTok or Instagram account where you create short-form video content, please repost them to Pinterest. After all, Pinterest is more or less a dumping ground anyway. Before now, videos used to blow up in 24 hours but now they’re taking a bit longer. Even at that, it is easier and quicker for a video pin to go viral so don’t sleep on them. Again, keep your videos short and catchy!


Here's Why You Should Be Prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins
My current viral infographic

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well my infographics have been taking off that I’m creating even more at the moment. Trust me, viral Infographic pins just hit differently. They just remind you of the good old days when Standard Image Pins went viral easily. I’ve always had success with infographics so I try to make a batch every month. I just leave them there and wait until they marinate. Then it goes viral and goes really hard! Currently, my top ten image pins are all infographics.

Sample of a Graphic Pin with Vector Art

Graphic pins with Vector Art

A while ago, when I was testing out different pin designs, I tried using creating Graphic pins with Vector Art on Canva and they performed really well. Since then, I’ve been alternating between using images and vector art for my pins. Since this qualifies as a Standard image pin, it will take a white for the outbound links to come in.

Every other Standard Image Pin design

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t create standard image pins at all. Actually, you should. But you should know now that with the current Pinterest dispensation, the platform is similar to SEO where you will invest content and leave it for a while before it brings you traffic. It’s not business as usual anymore so you need to manage your expectations henceforth. Create your image pins as often as you can and just forget about them. In the meantime, make sure, you’re also investing in your SEO efforts.


I hope you have found these tips on prioritizing Pinterest Idea Pins helpful. Yes, Pinterest is definitely not what it used to be but there are still ways around it if you play your cards right!

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