How To Batch Create & Schedule Pinterest Pins To Save Time

How To Batch Create & Schedule Pinterest Pins To Save Time
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This post will be sharing how to batch create and schedule Pinterest Pins to save time and effort.

I recently got back into creating Pinterest pins for my three Pinterest business accounts after a long hiatus. Any blogger who uses Pinterest Marketing as part of their blogging strategy knows how tedious creating Pinterest pins can be. In fact, some people actually outsource this service to virtual assistants. While this is not a bad thing at all, there are still ways to go about it.

Now, these tips are for people who use Pinterest as a supplementary traffic channel. About a year ago, I used Pinterest solely to kickstart my second blog. While that didn’t last for too long – as Pinterest started to move crazy with the changes to their algorithms by prioritizing video content – it gave me enough time to set my SEO Content Strategy in motion. By early 2021, my blog user acquisition had shifted from Pinterest to SEO as you can see below.

As someone with almost a decade of Digital Marketing experience, this has been my primary goal. Over time, I began to deprioritize Pinterest and focus squarely on SEO by pumping out as much content as possible and increasing my domain authority. While Pinterest is not exactly a priority for me anymore, I still enjoy that burst of sudden traffic when an infographic pin goes viral. This is why I would still continue to publish pins on Pinterest.

I’m sure you know that the best way to deal with the craziness of Pinterest is to batch create your pins and just forget about it. Sit down and create and schedule as many pins as you can in one sitting. This way, you have fresh pins going out every day.

Here’s How To Create Pinterest Pins in Bulk

This is a step-by-step guide to my current pin creation process.

Decide how many Pins you want to create in one sitting.

This is a very important first step otherwise, you’ll lose track of the number of pins you’re creating. Personally, if I’m creating for one account, I like to create two weeks worth of pins. That is 14 fresh pins. But if it is for two accounts, I split that number into two. So, that means I have fresh pins for two accounts for a week. If I have more time, I go ahead and create two weeks worth of pins on each account. This generally just helps me stay consistent with my numbers.

Design your Pins in Canva.

I use Canva for just about anything and you should too. I’ve been using Canva for almost five years now and during that time, I’ve been able to sharpen my design skills to the extent that I don’t really buy templates. I just tweak Canva templates until they’re completely unrecognizable to my taste. But if you don’t have design skills, I suggest you get pre-made Canva Pinterest templates. They’ll save you so much time and effort. After creating your designs, make sure you download them to your computer.

Get your Pin Titles, Descriptions and Links ready.

Another way to save time creating Pinterest pins is to prepare your content ahead. Depending on how many pins you’re creating, go ahead and prepare your pin titles, descriptions and links ready so that all you’ll need to do is copy and paste. It’s a complete time-saver, trust me!

Bulk upload your pins to the Desktop Pinterest Scheduler.

Before now, I used to upload my pins through the Pinterest app. It was just convenient for me to use my phone. It wasn’t until I discovered the desktop Pinterest Scheduler. I think in the past few months, Pinterest has improved the uploading experience by enabling batch creation. It’s super-fast, slick with no glitches whatsoever. All you need to do is; go to the Pinterest website on your desktop and click on ‘Create Pin‘. Create a sample pin, copy and paste the title, description and link. Set a date and time to schedule, set your board and duplicate as many pins as you want to create.

How To Batch Create Pinterest Pins To Save Time & Effort

After duplicating the pins, all you need to change out the designs and edit the days. But this only applies if you’re creating fresh pins for the same link. If you’ll be using different links, you’ll have to edit the image, title and description as well. Regardless, as long as you have prepped it beforehand, then the copy and paste process should go pretty fast.

Schedule up to 100 pins for up to 2 Weeks.

Yes, did you know that you can schedule 100 pins on the Pinterest Scheduler? Unfortunately, it can’t go beyond two weeks. So, while it’s nice to be able to schedule 100 pins, I think it is pointless particularly in this new Pinterest dispensation where the algorithm currently prioritizes idea pins and videos. The only exceptions are if you have a new Pinterest account and want to populate it as much as possible or Pinterest is still your primary traffic acquisition channel.

In Conclusion,

I hope these tips on how to batch create and schedule Pinterest pins was helpful. These days, Pinterest isn’t particularly encouraging but it can still be worth it later on. Just think about it as an investment like SEO.

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