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Pinterest Releases Top Trends For March

Pinterest Releases Top Trends For March
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To help make your next campaign stand out in feeds, Pinterest has released the top trends for March. The report included what pinners are focusing on in areas like fashion, food, home decor and others.

Pinterest Top Trends For March

‘No’ to Food Wastage

Pinterest Releases Top Trends For March
Image: Pinterest

In order to prevent food wastage, pinners are turning to the jerky recipe. Some of the top searches include some do-it-yourself-recipes using sugar, spices, salt and pepper. Some, however, are turning to the fryer jerky recipe.

Colourful March

Pinterest Releases Top Trends For March
Image: Pinterest

The beauty of tie-dye is in its colours and pinners are turning to this trend in this month of March (+57%YoY). Tie-dye emerged as the hottest colour this month. Aside from the rise in search for tie-dye sweatpants, tie-dye wallpaper for mobile phones (+111% YoY), tie-dye nails (+149% YoY) also witnessed a surge. In fact, tie-dye themed party may also become a fad as it got +40% rise in search.

For fashion brands, this is something bright to focus on in your March Pinterest campaign strategy. Event planners too may consider tie-dye theme for parties.


Pinterest Releases Top Trends For March
Image: Pinterest

After “freshwater aquariums” made the Pinterest trending list in May 2019 report, interest in the aquarium has grown. This month, moss ball aquarium surged up to 210% YoY and the shallow aquarium had +50%YoY.

Beauty and Skincare

Pinterest Releases Top Trends For March
Image: Pinterest

For beauty and skincare brands that have anti-pollution products, this is time for them to shine. As there is currently a spike in the search rate for products like anti-pollution drops, anti-pollution serum and anti-pollution mask.

Top Trends Based on Locality

Australia: With the rise in search of ocean tattoos which was about 164% YoY, Australians seems to be sea lovers but are subtle about it.

France: Pinners in the Francophone country seems to be all out to go back in time as searches of vintage travel posters received a spike of 63% YoY.

Germany: Turmeric seems to deserve its reputation as a powerful root. Searches for turmeric tea were elevated to 43% YoY in Germany

UK: Searches for green nails are up by 79% YoY in the United Kingdom.

Canada: in Canada, kitchen with two-tone tuxedo seems to be the fade among pinners as searches rose to 63% YoY.

US: Americans seems to be getting some inspirations from the night sky as searches for star jeans surged to 66% YoY.

Maximizing this report

If you have been thinking about how to get ahead and make your Pinterest campaigns stand out this month, then consider utilizing the information in this report.

Advertisers on Pinterest can use the tie-dye fade to spice up their creativity when setting up a campaign.

Trend increases are calculated from January’19 to January ’20 using normalized global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.

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