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Pinterest reveals the Top Search Trends by Women

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For many years, Pinterest has served as a source of inspiration to women all across the globe. From small purchases to life-changing ones, Pinterest has at each step served to influence women’s purchasing decisions. With the global income of women expected to reach trillions in 2020, experts have estimated a 75% increase in optional spending by 2028.

Apart from utilizing Pinterest to find ideas for travel, dinner, family ideas, etc women, are also using Pinterest to seek support for their most independent and life-changing decisions. In a bid to celebrate the coming International Women’s Day, the platform which reaches 75% of millennial women decided to share the top trends women inspire themselves with.

As a business owner, appreciating the search behaviour and interests of your female consumer demographics could bring about a lot of new opportunities and perspective for your marketing strategy. 

According to Pinterest, here are the trends women are currently searching for.

Pinterest top search trends for women
Photo credit: Pinterest Newsroom

In the age of women empowerment, feminism and the likes it should come as no surprise that women are searching on trends that help them become less reliant on their partners. The quest to be more independent is an important factor to note as it could subsequently lead to a wider change of interests and options.

Pinterest top search trends by women
Photo credit: Pinterest Newsroom

Another search trend that women dominated in Pinterest’s report, is the search for financial and educational opportunities. Women are taking the bull by the horn and searching for ways to climb up the educational or financial ladder. From starting a new side hustle to taking educational classes, women are searching Pinterest to get the necessary motivation to keep them going.

Understanding this trend is important in order to keep up with the evolving woman. Doing this allows you to be in tune with your female consumers, and also gives space for your business to be inclusive of the interests that appeal to women. 

Photo credit: Pinterest Newsroom

Finally, the Pinterest data shows that not only are women trying to succeed, they are also actively searching for various ways to include other women in their success too. The knowledge of this tells you that because women always look for ways to inspire each other, your marketing strategy should be tuned to helping your female consumers and the female gender as a whole.

It’s 2020 and things don’t work the way they used to. Hence for you and your business to evolve with the time, understanding and appreciating the growing trends that govern a specific demographic is key. To read more about Pinterest’s search trends, click here.


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