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5 Ways To Tweak Your Pinterest Strategy Around COVID-19

5 Ways To Tweak Your Pinterest Strategy Around COVID-19
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This post, which was originally published on will be showing you how to tweak your Pinterest strategy around COVID-19.

We are currently live in uncertain times and we’re not exactly sure when life will return to normal. While our situation has affected all spheres of our lives, we really have no choice than to adapt and move on; albeit temporarily.

The rise of the coronavirus outbreak naturally saw a change in consumer behaviour. While most of the world is in lockdown, we have had no choice than to create a life an ‘at home lifestyle’. Pinterest has been a forefront witnessing these emerging trends.

In a pre-COVID-19 reality, right now, we would be making all sorts of plans around Summer while still basking in Spring sunshine. But at the moment, we’re turning to the Google and Pinterest for inspiration for at-home gyms, indoor activities with kids, home hair cuts amongst others.

What does this mean for us as bloggers and marketers? It means that we need to tweak our Pinterest strategy to reflect the current situation. While it’s nice to promote the top travel destinations for summer, I hate to be Captain Obvious but nobody is travelling at the moment. So your travel content needs to take a back seat for now. Instead, you need to find a way to optimise your existing content for search trends or create new content entirely.

What are the ways to adapt your Pinterest strategy in light of our new reality?

Now that you understand that your current strategy will not give you the results you need, how do you create relevant content in this situation?

  • Use Pinterest Trends to spot trending keywords

5 Ways To Tweak Your Pinterest Strategy Around COVID-19

Last year Pinterest quietly launched Pinterest Trends in the US. If you know anything about Google Trends, you would know how incredibly valuable it is as a tool. I started using it recently and I appreciated how much data it gave me. It showed me the real-time trending keywords to spend my time on and the ones I shouldn’t bother with. In this COVID-19 world, it is so useful to see what people are searching for. Your job is to pick the keywords that apples to your brand or blog and optimise your pins for them. Also, whenever you need data to inform your content strategy, it comes in really handy!

  • Use Exploding Topics to stay on top of emerging trends

5 Ways To Tweak Your Pinterest Strategy Around COVID-19

Exploding Topics is a brand new tool launched by Brian Dean of Backlinko; one of my favourite marketing resources on the internet. I signed up for his newsletter and every Tuesday, he sends a list of emerging trending topics that are about to break out. This is especially useful for SEO if you want to rank for certain keywords. I found it useful because it gave me ideas on topics to watch out for and optimise my content in the near future. If you are curious about the ever-changing customer behaviour, you would find the tool super useful. If you also need to know what trends will take off from the COVID-19 pandemic, you should check it out.

  • Use Tailwind Pinterest Planner to explore search trends

While I have a love-hate relationship with Tailwind; the Pinterest scheduling and analytics app, I’ve found their blog content and resources very useful. One of such is the annual Tailwind Pinterest Planner. It’s an incredibly amazing tool for any Pinterest strategy. It shows you all the monthly trending topics for a year on Pinterest. This includes holidays, celebrations, seasonal trends and whatnot. While it might not exactly be an accurate resource at the moment given the COVID-19 situation, Tailwind has taken it upon themselves to share special trend reports for the month. This I’m sure they would continue until we are back to normal. Check out April’s Special Spring Trends. While it might be similar to Pinterest Trends, a cumulative comprehensive report makes strategy easier.

  • Create new data-driven content

Now that we’re armed with enough data, the obvious next approach is to create new content. Or tweak an existing one. For instance, if you already have content on ‘gym workout routines‘, create similar content around ‘at home workout routines‘ and pin them according. Don’t forget to implement your Pinterest SEO by using keywords in your titles, descriptions and boards. You definitely don’t want your content to get lost in the sea of millions of pins while your audience is hungry for inspiration.

  • Run targeted Pinterest ads

If you have an e-commerce store selling in demand products like home gym equipment, indoor crafts for kids, board games, etc, you definitely want to run ads to drive sales immediately. While it’s nice to wait for your pins to convert organically, you don’t have the time to wait. You don’t want to have COVID-19 related stock when this is all over.

These are a few ways you can adjust your Pinterest strategy to reflect the current situation. It’s not exactly the best place to be but we move! Also, getting successful results from an effective Pinterest strategy can help with your mental health.

I’m currently spending the lockdown period mastering blogging and Pinterest. Check out five blogging lessons I’ve learnt from my new blog.

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5 Ways To Tweak Your Pinterest Strategy Around COVID-19

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