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Pinterest to Launch Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest to Launch Verified Merchant Program
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Pinterest has announced that they will soon launch a verified merchant program which will be loaded with features that will benefit verified businesses. Verified merchants will have their products eligible for distribution within Pinterest shopping experiences, including Shop the Look Pins and Related Product Carousels.

Accepted brands will have the opportunity to reach more people as they will become more discoverable to users seeking products to purchase.

“We are launching a Verified Merchant Program to help Pinners discover and buy from trustworthy brands. It’s a win-win for you and your customers: They find the right products, and you find new customers”. Pinterest says.

According to Pinterest, the program is yet to start but interested brands can begin to apply.

Pinterest to Launch Verified Merchant Program

Benefits of Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

  • Insight tool: Having access to analytics has numerous benefits for brands. Verified merchants will get access to Pinterest insight tools. This will enable them to measure their audience and what they love.
  • Shopping profile: Merchants who are verified will get a special shop tab on their profile.
  • Verified badge: Merchants in this program will have a verified badge. This will enable make them stand out from other brands.
  • Shopping feature: Products from accepted merchants will appear on dedicated features. This will bring the products to the front of those searching for what to buy.

Pinterest to Launch Verified Merchant Program


How to apply for Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

As said earlier, the program is yet to begin but interested merchants can submit an application to join the waitlist. Interested merchant can follow the following process to apply for the program:

  • Upload product feed
  • Install the Pinterest tag to track engagement from Pinterest
  • Ensure you meet merchant guidelines.

Merchants who indicate interest will be informed when the program begins.

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  1. […] See Also: Pinterest to Launch Verified Merchant Program […]

  2. […] See Also: Pinterest to Launch Verified Merchant Program […]

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