How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account

How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account
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This post will be showing you how to use Pinterest video pins to explode your account and grow it fast!

Recently, there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Pinterest and creators. Earlier in February, Pinterest announced that they would be changing the algorithm to prioritise fresh pins. This meant that for you to find success on Pinterest, you need to constantly put out fresh pins rather than ‘repinning‘ old pins. When you look at it, it actually makes sense because there’s a lot of old, outdated and recycled content on Pinterest. This update was way long overdue. But the issue is the creators/bloggers/brands would have to bear the brunt.

Just as we were getting settled with creating fresh pins daily, Pinterest’s struck again. They claimed they were running an ‘experiment’ and accidentally marked a lot of accounts as spam. This saw tons of analytics and traffic tank. It was really so bad that bloggers had to reach out to them. But then, their customer service reps kept responding with various reasons for the dip in traffic. One of such was the use of Tailwind to repin. Turns out, some bloggers use Tailwind to repin the same pins over and over which caused Pinterest to flag their accounts as spam.

Right now, everyone is trying to find the best strategies that work for them with or without Tailwind. As for me and my accounts, we haven’t been affected yet. Although, I’m waiting till the end of June to compare analytics and decide the way forward.

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Now, while all of this was going on, the marketer in me was busy looking for ways to maximise the platform. The difference between me and most bloggers is that I have about three years of social media marketing experience working with brands (and seven years of digital marketing experience in total). So I understand how these platforms work to a large extent. While I love my blogger boos and their strategies, it can sometimes be one-sided.

Enter Pinterest Video Pins

To the best of my knowledge, Pinterest video pins were released in the second half of 2019. I didn’t notice until early 2020 when I started to take Pinterest marketing seriously. But then, I realised that the only niches that were taking full advantage of video pins were food and drink. There were tons of food videos on Pinterest. Followed closely by fitness. I remember Gymshark posted videos so much that they were able to fast track their growth.

My experience with Pinterest Video Pins

While everyone was struggling with their image pins, creators who were posting videos were just chilling. This is also what I think happened to my account as well. Just before the last Pinterest experiment, I started to post video pins just to see the effect it would have on my stats. The first video pin took so long to take off that I was discouraged and didn’t post for a few weeks. But then, I started to see more video pins in my smart feed and it motivated me to try again.

So I started to post skincare videos to my best performing boards and they started to blow up. It was unbelievable. Before I knew it, my stats were jumping. While others were struggling with their image posts, I was finding success with my video pins.

My account has currently hit 1m+ monthly unique viewers from 600k in less than 30 days.

How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account

In fact, earlier today, I found out that one of the videos I posted was ranking number one for a keyword.

How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account
My current top four pins are video pins.


The Pros and Cons of Pinterest Video Pins


  • It’s easy to rank for a keyword. You need to understand that social media platforms always prioritise new features. Just like IGTV on Instagram, Pinterest is currently prioritising video and story pins. So you need to tap into it as fast as possible before it becomes saturated. Even if it is one pin a week, start from somewhere. Right now, since video pins are still very underrated, it is easy to rank for keywords. It took me about a month to do so.
  • It’s an easy way to explode your stats quickly. I’m currently growing a new Pinterest account with only image pins and I can see how slow it can be. According to some Pinterest experts, it can take as long as 3 – 6 months to gain traction with a new account. I’m already thinking of the kind of videos to post to fast track the growth. Rather than waiting for your image pins to grow your account, use video pins. It will literally blow up all your analytics. From your impressions to your engagement and followers.
How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account


  • The Click Through Rate (CTR) can be painfully low: Possibly the only con of video pins so far is the CTR. Imagine putting so much effort creating or curating a video and you only get 20 link clicks. I really wish Pinterest looks into it but for now, understand that video pins are just for impressions and engagement. You would not get as much clicks as your image pins. My best performing video currently just has 389 clicks with over 500,000 impressions. That’s super low on all levels. This explains why a lot of creators are hesitant to try video pins. But still, you need to give it a shot.
How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account
See the ratio of the other analytics to the link clicks.

Key Tips for Pinterest Video Pins

  • Try curating before creating. Test your hands by curating video pins before creating yours. Curate Instagram stories and TikTok videos. They are the perfect size for Pinterest video pins. After curating a few videos, I created a TikTok account to create videos for my blog that I can repurpose for Pinterest.
  • Post video pins on popular or trending keywords. I’m very familiar with my analytics so I know the topics as well as boards that naturally perform well off the top of my head. It was easy for me to create video pins based on those topics. So go through your analytics, find the best performing pin and curate or create a video version. Try as few or as many topics as you wish.
  • Don’t neglect your image pins, balance them. At the end of the day, your image pins still has the potential to go viral and get you the most traffic. Personally, I just post one or two videos every couple days. It doesn’t affect my current pin schedule. It just adds to it.

In conclusion, Pinterest video pins are absolutely worth looking into. I’ve found a way to work it into my schedule even though I’m forced to be active on TikTok. But as long as I can repurpose them for Pinterest, it’s worth it.

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Do you currently use Pinterest video pins? Do share your experience with me in the comments!

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How to Use Pinterest Video Pins To Quickly Grow Your Account

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