Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?

Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?
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This post will analysing the usefulness of Tailwind for Pinterest in 2020.

Social media can be tasking, stressful and unrewarding. I would know, I used to be a social media manager. There is a reason why brands hire social media managers. The job requires dedication and consistency to get results in the long run. Pinterest is no different.

It is 2020 and a lot of bloggers and brands use Pinterest as a primary source of traffic. Because, frankly it is easier than Google. With the right strategies, Pinterest can drive thousands of traffic to your website monthly. Without any stress or terms attached. But there’s a CATCH! You have to commit to manually implementing these strategies or getting a scheduler like Tailwind. Just like every other social media platform, Pinterest is also a long term game. For someone who has spent the last 3 years working in social media with brands, take it when I say that the major reason a lot of people fail on social media is as a result of lack of CONSISTENCY.

Now, to fix this, it’s either you hire a social media manager who is being paid to ensure consistency and/or use scheduling tools. Thankfully, Tailwind does the job of scheduling so well that you don’t really need anyone.

The Fall of Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?
Are you one of them?

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and tweets questioning the usefulness of Tailwind in 2020. Which is completely understandable to be honest. Prior to now, Tailwind has features such as the SmartLoop that has recently become useless. This is as a result of a recent upgrade of the Pinterest Algorithm. Now, Pinterest wants fresh pins regularly rather than recycling old pins with the SmartLoop feature.

Also, a lot of people have getting more results manual pinning as opposed to scheduling with Tailwind. This might also be as a result of new Pinterest algorithm. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to pay for something when you’re not getting results.

Some people have also found the native Pinterest scheduler useful as opposed to using Tailwind. I tried it a couple of times but my stats tanked so I didn’t bother anymore. I just stuck with Tailwind. Also, I couldn’t possibly keep track of the US time zone. The timing factor which a lot of people don’t pay attention to is grossly underrated. Imagine manually tracking the best 30 times to post in a day. It’s not sustainable to be honest.

Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?

Some people were also not finding Tailwind Tribes useful. I still don’t though even though I use it. I feel like Tailwind overestimated the importance of the Tribes. And as such placed ridiculous prices on upgrades. Yes, group boards are not exactly as effective as they used to be but Tailwind Tribes are no better.

Finally, my personal observation is the UI/UX of the Tailwind platform which I’ll forever have a problem with until they improve. I’ve used a lot of tools over the years. I’ve seen how the brands improve their user experience but Tailwind just insists of sticking to that same old UI. Even if it works for them, I feel like they will probably win back customers if their platform is more user friendly.

Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?
The result of using Tailwind for two months on my lifestyle blog

Why You Should Still Invest in Tailwind for Pinterest in 2020.

Yes, a lot bloggers are dumping Tailwind by the day but that still doesn’t negate it’s usefulness. If you really want to scale your Pinterest marketing efforts, here are five reasons why you still need Pinterest:

  • Scheduling! More Scheduling! Even More Scheduling.

To get significant daily traffic from Pinterest, you need post an average of 20 – 50 pins daily. This is asides from the 3 – 5 fresh pins. Except you have all the time in the world, I don’t know how you would possibly manually post 50 times a day. There’s no way you can be consistent with it. Because life will happen and some days, you won’t be able to post pins. So, the scheduling feature is still the best USP for Tailwind.

  • Best Times To Post

Let’s say you have scheduling on lockdown, how about the best times to post? A lot of people don’t see results from their Pinterest efforts because they’re posting at the wrong time. Yes, there is a right time to post to get the most eyes on your pin. Those key times will determine whether or not your pin will go viral. It’s so important and it changes the entire game! There is no way you can possibly keep track of the best time to post for YOUR account.

  • Analytics

Some people don’t really care about Tailwind analytics because the native Pinterest analytics just works. Which is true. I only ever consult Tailwind analytics maybe once a month. But I check the Pinterest analytics weekly. But if you appreciate data and analytics and you know how to wield it to your favour, you will find it incredibly useful.

Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?
Using Tailwind to create a viral pin
  • Maybe Tailwind Tribes?

One of my pins blew up last week and I was wondering where it came from. It’s a relatively new account that I just audited. But the monthly views and impressions almost doubled. I checked my analytics and saw the pin but I didn’t know where it came from. So, I went into Tailwind and found it in one of my Tailwind Tribes. Before now, I didn’t really get convincing results from Tailwind Tribes. I just dumped my pins there and hoped for the best. Well, that single pin changed my mind. I would pay attention to the Tribes but I wouldn’t overly invest or pay for an upgrade.

  • Board Lists

This nifty feature makes scheduling even faster. I’m able to organize all 10 boards per niche and schedule my 30 – 50 daily pins in just one click. It’s a brilliant feature that saves you time of manually going through your boards.

I don’t know about you but it is 2020 and I’m not about that manual life anymore. I’m here for tools, products and services to make my life easier. For now, Tailwind is solving a problem which makes it still useful in 2020. Hopefully l, they are fast enough to evolve the product as fast as the Pinterest algorithm.

If you’re not even sure how to get DAILY traffic from Pinterest, start with the Pinterest Optimization Worksheet.

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If you’re ready to still give Tailwind for Pinterest a chance, try them for free. (affiliate link)

Where do you currently stand with Tailwind?
Do you still get results from using it or not?

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Tailwind for Pinterest: Is It Useful In 2020?

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