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This Pinterest AR Tech allows you to try on makeup before you buy it. Here’s all you need to know.

Pinterest AR technology allows you to try makeup on
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Pinterest, as you may all know is the go-to platform where approximately 500 million people go to for inspiration. Whether it is beauty, fashion or food, Pinterest is the number one platform to search for new and aesthetic trends. The executives of Pinterest recently announced a new  Pinterest AR tech that will change the beauty game completely.

So, what do you need to know about this new Pinterest AR Tech?

Pinterest AR technology allows you to try makeup on
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This new technology which uses Augmented reality (AR) allows users to try on different lipstick shades for their skin tone before making any purchase. The new feature powered by “Lens” is called “Try On” and has been functioning since the 28th of January. To use this feature, you can simply open the Pinterest camera in ‘search’ and click the “Try On” Icon.

In a bid to provide more inclusive products, Pinterest also created ‘Try On with our skin tone range’. A feature which allows pinners compare lip shades on tones that match their skin. The feature also boasts of having one of the most realistic AR technology, which doesn’t require any image altering effects; unlike other AR technologies.

The latest feature permits exploration simply by searching “similar looks”. You can do this, by browsing the “more like this” icon to see selected pins with related looks.

Also, if you see someone wearing a lip colour you like in a Pin, you’ll be able to try on a similar shade by clicking “see similar looks”. This is important if you want to explore looks without having the anxiety that comes with trying new products or buying a product you haven’t tried.

The executives at Pinterest are excited about the future of the ‘Try On’ feature. Unfortunately, it is only available for IOS and Android users in the U.S. But, the executives have promised they would be rolling it – along with newer AR technologies – out to other countries soon.

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