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Twitter Releases March 2020 Events for Strategic Campaigns

Twitter March 2020 Outline for Campaign Released
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Twitter has outlined all the major events happening in March 2020. The list features all the noteworthy events and celebrations for the month of March. These events, if properly utilized could help in you plan strategic content, campaigns and messaging for the month.

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Some notable events that should inform your Twitter campaigns this March include:

Women’s History Month

Twitter recommends that brands should focus on campaign relating to women to commemorate the 2020 International Women’s Day. This is more suitable with brands that are related to beauty, makeup, fashion and home decor. Brands could target two dates in March, which are the International Women’s Day on the 8th and Equal Pay Day on the 31st respectively.

World Wildlife Day/World Water Day

According to Twitter, this day is a perfect opportunity for your brand to show it is socially responsible. Campaigns could be designed to describe how concerned your brand is about the preservation of wildlife or demonstrate how you and your workers have been practising efficient use of water. Doing this will boost the image of your brand.

Lighthearted Events

Brands could also consider celebrating lighthearted events like the Pi day on the 14th day of the month. The Pi day could be used as a theme to create messages for campaigns on twitter.

Hurray! It’s Twitter’s 14th Birthday!

Can you imagine the world before we all went crazy over social media? Can you also remember what Twitter looked like when it started? Bet you can’t. That is because the platform has been around for 14 years so the 21st of March is all about celebrating Twitter.

In some ways, we may want to think our lives have been better off without social media platforms like Twitter, especially when we think about issues like social media addiction, the spread of fake news, reduction of interpersonal communication and more. But then, social media is worth celebrating when we consider the good things the unique platforms has brought to us.

On twitter’s 14th birthday, your campaign could reflect how twitter has helped your business by making you more discoverable.

You could also inspire your followers to share how twitters had helped them in the past. They can also share with Twitter how they think the platform could be made safer.

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