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YouTube to Reduce Video Quality in All Regions

YouTube to Reduce Video Quality in All Regions - JunElevenCo
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Popular video streaming platform, YouTube has confirmed videos on the platform will start loading on standard definition. YouTube had earlier lowered the default video quality across Europe.

This is to prevent the local network from becoming overloaded as more people are spending time online. This change will be implemented at least for the next month.

Bloomberg says,

“Over the coming days, viewers will at first see YouTube videos in standard definition. Users will still be able to watch in high definition if they want, but will have to choose to do so.”

The change may seem minor to some users who may not even notice they are streaming on standard definition. However, some other users who are used to streaming on the best quality possible may see this as unpleasant. However, the HD option will remain to be available.

In Europe, regulators have appealed to Netflix and Amazon to reduce their network load. Facebook has also announced it would reduce the quality of its streams in Europe. The change will be effected both on Facebook and Instagram.

The use of streaming service has gone up recently as most people are spending more time at home due to the lockdown. A data from Forbes showed subscriptions for Disney+ were up over 300% in the past week, HBO Now subs were up 90% on their regular levels, while Showtime (+78%), Netflix (+47%), and Apple TV+ (+10%) also saw major spikes in take-up.

How Does This Affect You?

There is a need to work on the quality of your videos if you are planning to promote your brand on YouTube.

Unlike before when videos play in high definition, your audience will see a standard definition first. Uploading a low-quality video will affect how your message is received. It may also hurt the perception of your brand.

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