15 Small Business Packaging Ideas

15 Small Business Packaging Ideas
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This post will be sharing 15 small business packaging ideas.

I recently became an eBay seller – which is the first step before venturing fully into e-commerce – and I had to get packaging and shipping supplies. Like I do with my blogging journey, I’ll be documenting all the steps I’ll be taking into e-commerce.

When starting a small business that sells products, one of the most important things you need are packaging supplies. You probably have been inspired by some cute packaging you have seen on TikTok and saved it on your Pinterest board with hopes that someday when you start your business, you can afford those kinds of packaging. That’s not a bad idea at all. But the reality is, when starting out, you might not be able to afford certain types of packaging until your business grows to a certain level. So, don’t be afraid to start small with unbranded packaging.

If you’re looking to start a small business selling products and you’re not sure the kinds of packaging availiable to choose from, then this post is for you.

Here Are 15 Must-Have Small Business Packaging Ideas You Need.

In no particular order;

Bubble Mailers

If you sell small fragile items or small parcels like we call them in the UK that doesn’t require boxes, you should get bubble mailers. They come in various sizes and colours and can fit just about any small order conveniently. If you are selling products that can spill, make sure you wrap them well in extra bubble wraps before slotting them into the bubble mailers for shipping.


9x6x2″ Shipping Boxes

Before buying shipping boxes or any packaging supplies at all, make sure you have products for them. If you have an e-commerce brand with your own website, you can buy them ahead. But if you are an eBay reseller still experimenting with products to sell, don’t buy them until you actually need them.



For those irregular products that can’t fit a bubble mailer or are too big for shipping boxes, poly mailers work very well. Again, make sure they are well wrapped and sealed to prevent spillage if necessary during shipping.


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Transparent Poly Bags

Large clothing items like jackets, coats, beddings etc are best well – packaged in a transparent poly bag. They are self-sealing and tamper-evident. This means that once they are sealed, they can’t be reopened without causing some damage.


Drawstring Organza Bags

If you sell jewellery, lip glosses, wedding favours, crafts or any mini items, then organza bags are your best bet. Asides from being cute, they’re stylish and economical. Plus, you’re able to save money on unnecessary shipping costs.


Resealable Mylar Storage Bags

Another option for mini items is these resealable mylar storage bags. They’re like tiny see-through Ziploc bags that can hold items like candy, hair accessories, dried fruits, nuts, coffee beans etc. They are made of polyethene material, non-toxic and reliable material so they’re perfectly safe for edible items.


15 Small Business Packaging Ideas

5x5x5 Cardboard Shipping Boxes

These easy to assemble recyclable shipping boxes are compact, versatile and lightweight. If you sell items like customized mugs, skincare or haircare products, gift boxes, etc. When shipping with these boxes, make sure they are well padded with bubble wraps or shredded paper to keep them sturdy.


Heavy Duty Packing Tape

If you are using shipping boxes for your products, you would definitely need heavy-duty packing tape. Trust me, it has come in so handy for me several times. This packing tape helps keep your package in place while moving, shipping or in storage until it gets to its owner. Also, try to buy in bulk so never run out. Plus it is cheaper.


Digital Shipping Scale

Another must-have packaging equipment for your small business is your shipping scale. Getting an accurate measurement of your package helps you save on shipping costs in the long term. Instead of paying an estimate, you’re paying the exact amount.


Tagging Gun

If you sell your own branded items and would like to include your tag on your products, you will need a tagging gun. You can use it on products from your shirts, jeans, socks, jeans and just about any clothing item. It is durable and pretty easy to use. It comes with six needles and 1000pcs 2″ Standard Barbs.


Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll

Bubble wraps are an absolute necessity for packaging and shipping orders. It is perfect for moving delicate and fragile items that could easily break or spill. It is also great for providing additional reinforcement when your packages are moving through the post office. Depending on what kind of packaging you use, always use extra bubble wrap to secure your product.


Crinkle Cut Shredded Paper

One of my favourite small business packaging ideas that you will find useful is the crinkle cut shredded paper. If you prefer to add a personal touch to your orders and go the extra mile to make them even more presentable, you can package your products with crinkle cut shredded paper.


Dymo Thermal Label Printer

The biggest and best investment you’ll make for your business is getting a thermal label printer. It saves you so much time, ink, paper and money printing shipping labels. If you ever had a printer, you would know that ink/toner cartridges prices add up quickly. So, to save yourself those expenses in the long run, make that investment today. This thermal printer was created specifically for those of us that are into e-commerce to simplify the shipping process. You can literally print hundreds of labels in minutes. All you need to do is to cut and stick them on your packages.


Dymo Black & White Shipping Label

Asides from getting a thermal printer, you also need to get extra labels. You don’t want to run out in between orders or when you have a backlog of orders to fulfil.


60″ Portable Photo Studio with Tripod

If you have an e-commerce website, you’ll understand how important product photography is. You’ll also know that hiring photographers every single time adds up quickly. So, you’re better off getting a portable photo studio with a tripod you can use at home or office whenever you like without incurring extra expenses.


In Conclusion,

If you are looking to get into eCommerce, I hope you’ll find this list of small business packaging ideas incredibly useful. I hope with this list, you have one less thing to worry about and focus more on your business.

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