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Twitter Prioritizes Experts in Giving Verification Blue Tick

Twitter Prioritizes Experts in Giving Verification Blue Tick
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Twitter has announced it is prioritising giving verification blue tick to more authoritative individuals on the topic of coronavirus. The microblogging platform thereby calls on experts to get all their information up to date.

They are also required to have an email address associated with authoritative organizations or institutions.

“Please also ensure your Twitter bio references (and links to) the institution you are associated with, and that the page you link to includes a reference back to your Twitter account. This helps us more quickly confirm that you are who you say you are.”

This announcement is part of the efforts of the micro-blogging platform to stem the tide of fake news.

The verification blue tick will help users know they are getting information from reliable sources.

Twitter revealed it is working with world health bodies like WHO, the CDC, state health authorities and recognised academic institutions. The twitter accounts of those working with these bodies are being identified and verified.

“PSA about what we’re doing to Verify Twitter accounts that are providing credible updates around #COVID19.We are working with global public health authorities to identify experts and have already Verified hundreds of accounts, but there’s more to do and we could use your help.”

What it means for your brand

Twitter is currently placing a limit on how unverified accounts can share information about the coronavirus pandemic. If you consider your brand an authority on COVID-19, you should use this opportunity to get your account verified.

Having the verification blue tick will enable you to win the trust of your audience, even after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

How to get the verification blue tick

Email account belonging to the organization must be added to the account that is to be verified.

Their bio must also include a link to where they are working. Likewise, the page must also link back to their twitter account.

Accounts applying to be verified must follow twitter rules. These rules cover harassment, impersonation accounts and others.

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  2. […] See Also: Twitter Prioritizes Experts in Giving Verification Blue Tick […]

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